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Steep Fuze - Tea - Citron Green - 3oz

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Citron Green Tea:


Our Citron Green Tea begins high in the hills on the Yunnan region of China. This region is famous for growing a wide variety of teas. Our steamed green tea has a flavor profile similar to Sencha, but is slightly more floral and less earthy.


We then blend our tea with organic lemon zest and orange peel to add citrus notes that brighten as the cup cools. This mildly sweet, herbaceous blend makes a lovely, hot cup, but is also served nicely over ice for those hot, summer days!


This tea is lightly caffeinated.

Ingredients: Full spectrum hemp extract, green tea, orange peel, marigold flowers.


How do we infuse? With essentially no oils to work with when infusing tea, we infuse some of the different components of the total dissolved solids (TDS) that start in the leaf and end up in your cup. With tea having a more delicate flavor profile than coffee, the infusion process is much more delicate as well. We bind our CBD to the flavonoids, amino acids, and simple carbohydrates like sugars that are expressed during steeping. Our teas are infused at a 2:1 ratio of milligrams of CBD to grams of loose leaf tea for easy measuring.


The CBD-Rich Hemp Extract:


Origin: Colorado
Hemp Strain: Wife
Farming Practice: Certified Organic Hemp Flower
Terpene Profile: Beta Caryophyllene, Humulene, Myrcene
Tasting Notes: A sweet, earthy flavor pervades this extract with overtones of black pepper and subtle notes of cherry
Extraction Method: CO2
Infusion Strength: 2 mg CBD per 1 g of tea