MHS Flower-The White CBG
MHS Flower-The White CBG

MHS Flower-The White CBG

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The White organically grown flower.

Hand Trimmed.

Fully Federally Total THC Compliant CBG Hemp flower.

 The White CBG is the textbook example of a true type 4 CBG strain.  This means that it produces extremely high percentages of CBGa while maintaining fully Federally compliant levels of less than 0.3% Total THC.  Oregon CBD created this strain by crossing their type 4 CBG predominant clone to a type 1 clone called “The White.”  The growth and resin production on these plants is extreme and a joy to watch.  The plants have a glistening “white” appearance that seems to glow in the light.  We planted these genetics in our living Appalachian soil and they grew faster, wider, and taller then any Cannabis plant we have ever grown.  The flowers exude a nose of lemon, pine, and Earth and it transitions to the flavor well. All Metro Hemp Supply’s greenhouse hemp is hand trimmed and cured to perfection.